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Small Town Girl

Welcome to My Awakening

There will come a time when you believe everything is finished… That will be the beginning.”

About Sophia Zoe

Hey there, welcome to my Blog. My name is Sophia Zoe and I come from a small town in the south western part of Nigeria called Sagamu. Somehow, I have pretty much lived most of my life in small towns…

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My Kenyan Experience Part 2

Arriving at Mombasa train station. Oh hellurrrr….. (Screams with hands lifted high *) I know I know I know, I don’t even deserve your loyalty guys. I am literally covering my face ‘cos I feel so ashamed about the delay in putting out this post. Sigh…… Honestly, at...

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My Solo Trip to Osun State: Zenababs Half Moon Resort

Hi everyone! It’s been a minute, I know. Believe me, I am trying as much as possible to work around my crazy schedule to be able to post here more often. That said, I have been dying to share this blog post with you all for a long time now and I am super hyped that...

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A successful life is an authentic life. Happiness and creativity rest on a foundation of transparency to yourself and others. Knowing your own heart and speaking clearly to others keep you on the path”.