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I moved to the house I currently live in July 2017. It was the first time I ever rented a space here in Nigeria. Prior to this, I had worked in hospitals and organizations that gave me apartments in their quarters. So imagine my shock when I found out renting and furnishing a space of your own can be expensive. I was just getting back from a financial rut when I had to get my own space so I had to look for every opportunity to cut back on spending. Finally, I got a space which turned out to be really small but it was what I could afford at the time. Also the space is in a quiet environment, very close to my work place and has constant electricity. If you are Nigerian, you would get why getting a tiny space in an environment with constant electricity is like winning a lottery.

However, I am beginning to feel really choked up in that space. I can’t get so many furniture and home appliances that I would have loved to get, I can’t give my room the design that I want, I can’t even get a washing machine because my bathroom is so small and I do not wash with my hands! So my laundry guy now makes a steady monthly income from me… Now I am forced to start thinking of living my tiny apartment for a bigger one. But guess who doesn’t agree? The society as always! Here is a conversation that went down between a friend and I, let’s just call the friend X

Me: I am really tired of this small space, I honestly need to move out

X: Move? Where? Why? (X looked really perplexed like he has just heard the unthinkable)

Me: Anywhere with good electricity and a bigger space

X: But why?

Me: I can’t fit some furniture and home appliance that I really need in this space, I really just want to be comfortable in my own home (I looked sad and worried as I said this)

X: I don’t think it’s a good idea. You should just get married and move to a bigger space with your husband.

Me: So what you are saying is I have to keep managing till I am married? Does my comfort even matter at all?

X: This is why you should get married quickly….

Me: (sighed and shook my head in disagreement, I decided to postpone schooling him to another day)

  I have had the above conversation with three people and my mother and they all said the same thing to me… “Don’t move to a bigger house until you get married” I only have one problem with that, I don’t freaking know when I am getting married (I just said that out loud in a high-pitched tone). How is this even okay? I have never heard anyone give such an advice to a single guy. So the single guy gets to live his best life for as long as he wants but the single girl though, she gets to wait to live her best life till she gets married?

I don’t know about you, but I am not subscribing to that gibberish. If I don’t move to a bigger space like I plan to, it will only be probably due to insufficient funds or trading a bigger space for a more important project.

Now, I know you may be single or even married now but what is the craziest thing you have been told as a single girl? Do you think single women should wait till they get married to live a certain way? If so, what are your reasons? Remember, this is “our” safe space and there is absolutely no judgement.

I can’t wait to hear all about your experiences and thoughts, please let’s continue this conversation in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading, till next time on the Small Town Girl blog

Peace and Love