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Hey there, welcome to my Blog. My name is Sophia Zoe and I come from a small town in the south western part of Nigeria called Sagamu.  Somehow, I have pretty much lived most of my life in small towns… from Sagamu to Sumy (in Ukraine) and now in Abeokuta which happens to be the capital of my state (Ogun State). Growing up, I hated living in a small town and I envied most of my friends that lived in big cities. Somewhere in my head, I thought being a small town girl would deprive me of the opportunities the big cities had to offer.


Boy was I wrong. Did I make it? Yes! In fact, it will pleasure you to know that I am a Ukraine trained medical doctor practicing as a public health professional.

Not too shabby for a small town girl, I guess? lol

So I hear someone say, what led her to blogging? Now you will find the answer to this as you come along with me on this journey. (Trust me; this would be worth your while).

Oops! I almost left out the most important detail of my life; I AM A CHRISTIAN – UNCONVENTIONAL! This simply means my whole life is centered on God. Every day I struggle, I rise, I fall, I mess up and make mistakes…but all in the confines of His Grace and Love.

In my 27th year (well I’m 29 now), God awakened me from a deep coma through series of events that almost took my life. My story is that of the stone that the builders rejected which is now the “Chief Cornerstone”, I like to call myself – THE CHOSEN MISFIT.

This blog is pretty much what I would call “The journal of my Evolution”. So much has changed since my awakening, a lot in a good way but there have also been twists and turns along the way. I feel like this space is going to be our ‘Secret Cult’ where I can be so vulnerable and transparent without the fear of being judged and I hope that you can do the same too.

Besides my Journey, the blog would also feature some of my other interests which are Health, Public Health, Books, Beauty, Fashion, Travel, Purpose and Career talk.

I hope you are you ready to go on this ride with me? I know I am, looking forward to learning so much from you… Yes You!

Fasten your seatbelt ‘cos I can’t promise you “no turbulence”…lol

 Ready! Set! GO!